About Three Oxygen

Our Story

Three Oxygen is a family founded company focused on education, product quality and customer service. Our family values are embedded in the company’s values. We believe in and value education and treating others how they would want to be treated. We believe in working hard and rewarding that work ethic.

  • Education - The payout structure of our reward program places the emphasis on education.
  • Product Quality – Our product is made of the highest silver content on the market which speaks directly to our commitment to delivering a reliably high quality product.
  • Customer Service – We offer a comprehensive and constantly evolving education center to keep customers fully informed on the potential harms of continual exposure to a cell phone. This speaks to our commitment to empowering consumers to protect themselves and their loved ones.

This is not just talk. We want to take action. Therefore, we offer the best referral/reward programs of any business. This is our commitment to rewarding hard work. The payout structure of our reward program places the emphasis on education. We offer the highest Silver content fabric on the market. This speaks to our product quality. We offer a transparent Education page, always updating with the most accurate and current information we can find. This speaks to our customer service.

The Name Origin

What does Three Oxygen mean? The name is derived from the Ozone layer, which is a protective layer of the earth’s atmosphere. The Ozone layer protects us from most of the sun’s harmful EMF waves and is comprised predominantly of O3 molecules.

Just like the Ozone layer, Three Oxygen apparel protects our customers whether they are aware of it or not.  

The Brand

This brand is dedicated to the people that are always watching over others. These people do not just buy into advertising at face value; they educate themselves on product offerings. They choose the best product not because it may be the most widely advertised or have the best product placement in the store but because they know it’s the right one.


We recognize that the world is constantly changing. Technology has enabled advancements that were previously unimaginable.

At Three Oxygen, we recognize and accept growth, but aim for smarter growth with an emphasis on the protection of humanity.

Three Oxygen, Here for Smarter Growth.

Medium Sky Blue Band

We have our Three Oxygen medium sky-blue color on the interior of every waistband. This color on the band although unseen when wearing the underwear is always there. We hope that this will be a symbol representing the fact that there are unseen and unforeseen forces that can be harmful but if we dive deeper and educate ourselves we discover that there are also other forces that can protect us.