Three Oxygen Underwear

EMF Blocking Capabilities

Three Oxygen underwear is 99% EMF blocking. Our fabric is 100% silver which is a conductive metal that creates a “Faraday cage”. This allows us to effectively block multiple frequency ranges on the electromagnetic spectrum, including the ones generated by cell phones, laptop and Wi-Fi.

In 1836, Michael Faraday discovered that conductive material has the ability to block electromagnetic fields. This was dubbed a “Faraday cage.” Little did Mr. Faraday know, but in the year 2021, these electromagnetic fields are everywhere from cell phones to Wi-Fi, and some can be dangerous to our health! 

Other Features

Besides the obvious feature of EMF blocking, Three Oxygen underwear is non-chafing, odor controlling, bacteria controlling, flexible, durable, moisture wicking, supportive & antimicrobial. It’s an unique pair of underwear that will quickly become your favorite. 
Any customer can have an underwear printed in any color they want, so long as it is grey. 

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