How College Students are Blocking EMF Radiation with Boxer Briefs

College students focus on finding their career path, advancing their knowledge and developing skills to help them in the future. The last thing on their mind is the harmful effects of EMF radiation. In college, laptops are as important as a pen and a notebook. And as we move towards using technology more in our daily lives, the need for EMF and RF protection is growing. Here is how college students block EMF radiation with Three Oxygen Apparel and why it’s important:

Dangers of EMF for College Students

A recent study conducted by Environ Health in 2017 on high school students can give us insight into the possible effects of EMF fields on college students. The study focused on mobile phone usage and self-reported symptoms. In the study, they found that of the 2,021 students who were using mobile phones, most of them reported that they were experiencing headaches, concentration problems, fatigue and sleep issues. This phenomenon is also referred to as Oxidative Stress. The Environ Health study focused on self-reported symptoms, but what about long-term consequences?

EMF and RF radiation have been linked to possible causes for adverse long-term effects. For RF (radio frequency) energy, many studies have conducted research on the non-ionizing radiation that cell phones and laptops create. Long-term exposure to low EMF waves (also known as non-ionizing RF waves) has been linked to decreased sperm count and testosterone levels. College students may not be concerned with a decrease in sperm count and testosterone levels. Still, it can create future obstacles when they want to start a family that could have been corrected earlier if they had access to the right EMF protection. 

Protecting Themselves by Creating a Faraday Cage 

Electricity is a vital function of our lives. Volts and amps allow electronics to function, and the electricity in our bodies allows our cells to communicate with one another. The fact of the matter is that electricity is a vital function of life. However, electronics like our laptops and cell phones create electric magnetic fields (EMF) that can cause short-term and long-term effects on the body. A 19th-century scientist, Michael Faraday, created a way to help us shield ourselves from electric fields (even before the invention of the computer). 

A Faraday cage is simply a metallic mesh-like cage similar to a chain-link fence. These cages help redistribute EMF waves around the cage’s exterior and allow people to shield themselves from cell phone and computer radiation. As the Faraday cage redistributes the electromagnetic charges around the body, it also cancels any radiation or charges within its interior. A Faraday cage is created through conductive metals being tightly intertwined, creating a barrier or shield between you and the surrounding EMF fields. Looking for a way to utilize a Faraday cage? Well, that’s where we come in. 

Blocking EMF Radiation with Three Oxygen Apparel

Blocking dangerous EMF waves is easy with Three Oxygen Apparel. All of our boy’s and men’s underwear is created with 100% silver fabric which blocks 99% of EMF radiation. Not only is it a great way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF and RF radiation, but it’s also non-chafing, odor-controlling, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, flexible and durable. With the numerous interactions that college students have with their computers and cell phones on a daily basis, they’re turning to Three Oxygen underwear to help them protect themselves.

As college students prepare for their future through academics, they’re also turning to us to help them prepare for a long and healthy life. At Three Oxygen Apparel, we want to help everyone grow with technology. We love technology. And we want to make sure that all of us can use the beautiful capabilities of technology intelligently. Looking to buy our silver infused underwear for your college student? Visit our store to buy our EMF blocking underwear today! 

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