Why We Chose to Make Our RF Blocking Underwear with 100% SIlver Fabric

Are you worried about RF radiation? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We have RF blocking underwear that doesn’t only protect you from harmful radiation, but is also made with high-quality fabric and specifically designed to become your new favorite underwear. When we sat down to develop this concept, the Three Oxygen Apparel team decided to make our underwear with 100% silver fabric. Why did we do it? Find out below:

RF Blocking Underwear with the Highest Silver Content on the Market

You read that correctly. Our underwear is made with the highest silver content on the market! Yes, it’s cool to tell your friends that you’re wearing silver underwear, but it also has some amazing properties that your everyday underwear doesn’t have. The silver fabric we use is extremely high in quality which makes it ultra-soft, breathable and comfortable. Plus, it has all the qualities you need in RF blocking underwear because it creates an unmatched Faraday Cage.

Protecting the Jewels with a Faraday Cage

In 2021, we are surrounded by all sorts of exciting and fantastic technology. From cell phones to WiFi, there are all sorts of different devices that are emitting non-ionizing radio waves. As exciting as technology is, there have been a few drawbacks with the amount of radio waves we’re exposed to on a 24/7 basis. That’s why we designed our underwear to help you create a Faraday Cage, so you feel comfortable all day long. In short, a Faraday Cage is created with a conductive metal (like our 100% silver fabric) that allows us to block different electromagnetic frequency ranges and deflecting them without causing harm to the body. For more information, click here to read about Faraday Cages.

Keeping You Safe and Comfortable for Every Occasion

RF blocking underwear is great, but what are the other benefits? I’m glad you asked. At Three Oxygen Apparel, we didn’t just want to create underwear that protects you from RF radiation and exposure. We also wanted to create your new favorite pair of underwear. That’s why our underwear is non-chafing, flexible, durable, moisture-wicking, supportive, odor-controlling and antimicrobial. There are so many benefits to our underwear that goes beyond protecting you from RF exposure. Shop our store today, and try on a pair! We guarantee you’ll fall in love with them instantly.

We didn’t just choose to make our underwear with 100% silver fabric just because it sounds cool to say. There are numerous benefits to it as well! Our men’s and boy’s underwear is perfect for people who want to be comfortable all day while having the peace of mind that they’re getting the best RF radiation protection. Get your pair today, and find out why people love to wear Three Oxygen Apparel.

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